A collection of information about Whimsical Raps itself, rather than about the products. I hope someone finds it informative in terms of starting a new business whether it's in the niche world Eurorack or elsewhere.

Officially, Whimsical Raps started October 29, 2014.

Products & sales. Name, Description, Date Available. Last number is total quantity manufactured (or best guess). If modules are currently available the current run is listed in the totals.

Mangrove, Formant Oscillator, 2014/12/31, 2200 Total (100,100,200,200,300,300,300,500,200)

Three Sisters, Three-linked Filters, 2015/03/21, 2700 Total (200,200,200,300,300,500,250,500,150)

Cold Mac, Analog Utilities, 2015/05/06, 1450 Total (200/200/300/1000)

Just Friends, Manifold Generators, 2016/04/30, 1890 Total (250/300/300/540/500)

RIP, 2016/12/26, 100 units (Sold in 3 batches 25/25/50).

W/, History Navigator, 2018/03/15, 1500 units (500/1000).

Crow, 2019/09/27, 1100 units (500/250/350).


Trent started WR in late 2014, after much deliberation & encouragement. It was a part-time project while working part-time for Monome.

The team has fluctuated from 1 to 3 to 1 to 5 to 1 people, over the course of the years. Currently it's just Trent in the studio, but a growing number of collaborators & partners help keep things moving. Who knows what's next..


Last update: 2021/02/28