Direct to You

We're making a change to our business model, and how we sell modules. In short, all sales will now be handled directly through our website, meaning we won't be shipping modules to our retailers. Over the years, our retailers have been a big help to us - getting our products into your eyes & ears - for which I'm truly grateful.

We are doing our darndest to make more of our modules available over the months & years to come. If anyone has gone through one of our retailers and paid for a pre-order or made a deposit, I've asked them to refund you immediately, but please get in touch with your store if you don't hear anything.

You will likely have noticed we've increased our prices substantially since they were first released. Unfortunately we are not immune to the rapid inflation & rising cost of goods happening globally. This change is part of an attempt to minimize further increases.


Why we're excited

Whimsical Raps started as an artistic expression - I never expected this business to grow the way it has! Our plan moving forward is an attempt to go back to these roots & focus on new and creative ideas for musical expression.

We'll be shipping devices into the future at a more human pace. Smaller quantities, but more regularly, and with a level of care & quality control that has sometimes suffered under the pressure of larger runs. Our goal is to create devices that will last for decades to come while being a valuable part of your creative process. More attentive customer support is an important aspect here which we've already made great strides in improving.

This change is just one part of a new direction. We're a tiny team dedicated to designing forward-thinking instruments that give musicians new possibilities for expression. There is a bright future ahead, and we can't wait to fill it with weird and wonderful sounds.