Future stock estimations.


We're moving to a new production process where we'll be releasing smaller batches of modules, gradually. The pressure of building hundreds of modules all at once makes the prospect of production quite daunting, and frankly removes the fun of getting these instruments into your hands.

Instead we will be building modules all the time (1 day per week), but at a gentle pace. Our plan is to release new batches of modules every ~6 weeks, starting with Just Friends (a tiny batch) & Mangrove+PPM in September 2023.


Mangrove+PPM: September 2023.

Just Friends: Late 2023.

W/: Late 2023.

Three Sisters: Early 2024.

Cold Mac: Currently no production is planned.


Please don't email us for more accurate dates - we simply don't have them.


Last updated September 25, 2023