Embedded Systems Developer

We're building testing platforms for all of our hardware devices, and looking for an embedded systems developer to drive the firmware side of these test beds. 


* Intermediate+ knowledge of C
* Experience writing hardware drivers for embedded systems


* Experience with STM32 hardware abstraction libraries
* Board-level knowledge, and 'bring-up' experience
* Analog design experience a plus

You'll be interacting with our hardware team to design the hardware platforms & interaction methods for a test operator. Our focus is on code readability & maintainability, and we encourage a functional approach where possible. We've had great success using Lua as a scripting language for projects like these, which we'd suggest but not require.

This would be a 3 month contract, with a minimum 3 weeks on-site at our workshop in NYC (hardware bringup).




Please send links (no more than 3) to code examples showing your experience, along with a short cover letter outlining your experience working with embedded platforms.
Email Trent>> work@whimsicalraps.com



We're always interested to hear from folks who can bring something fresh to our team. Presently we have no defined positions, but we're semi-consciously searching for a lead technologist to bolster our capacity & creativity.

If you have extensive professional experience with circuit and/or industrial design, software development, or electronics manufacturing we should talk! This could be part or fulltime depending on your salary requirements. NYC location, though we could consider remote possibilities if you can convince us how we could make it work.



Please send your resume with a brief note about who you are and why you're interested. 
Email >> work@whimsicalraps.com