Embedded Systems Developer

We're building testing platforms for all of our hardware devices, and looking for an embedded systems developer to drive the firmware side of these test beds. 


* Intermediate+ knowledge of C
* Experience writing hardware drivers for embedded systems


* Experience with STM32 hardware abstraction libraries
* Board-level knowledge, and 'bring-up' experience
* Analog design experience a plus

You'll be interacting with our hardware team to design the hardware platforms & interaction methods for a test operator. Our focus is on code readability & maintainability, and we encourage a functional approach where possible. We've had great success using Lua as a scripting language for projects like these, which we'd suggest but not require.

This would be a 3 month contract, with a minimum 3 weeks on-site at our workshop in NYC (hardware bringup).




Please send links (no more than 3) to code examples showing your experience, along with a short cover letter outlining your experience working with embedded platforms.
Email Trent>> work@whimsicalraps.com