Transformer based, based signal level transformer

Two heavy-weight outputs for your synthesizer. RIP modular audio down to some kind of line level for your studio or on stage. Get lifted with isolated ground paths, while your outs stay well balanced.

RIP is fully passive, with DC coupled inputs. You can't pass DC, but rather use it creatively to drive the iron cores into saturation.

Each channel is fully isolated for true stereo. Special bonus is bidirectional signal paths - Insert line audio on quarter inch jacks to bump it close to modular level (You might need more gain). Send and return a guitar pedal, provided it's got output gain on tap.

Transformers by Cinemag, made in the USA.

When RIP was in production, they were hand-assembled in small batches. They were only made available direct as time allowed, in editions of 25.

Artwork by Massimo Mongiardo.

38mm depth


Update 2019: RIP is now open-source and no longer available for sale. Find the details here.