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  • User Manual
  • Technical Map: web / pdf
  • PPM Manual
  • Oscillator Calibration
  • Fuse Replacement Guide
  • Potentiometer Replacement Guide
  • Panel: ai / pdf

  • My Mangrove just died. What do I do? (Top)
    If you purchased Mangrove before June 2017, it is likely that the issue is with the fuses in the module's power supply. Have no fear though! Please refer to this guide for instructions on getting your module back to normal in no time!

    My Mangrove does not respond to BARREL/FORMANT/AIR. (Top)
    The SQUARE output does not respond to the waveshaping controls (BARREL/FORMANT/AIR), only PITCH and FINE. For the FORMANT output to make sound, AIR must be turned up (CW) in order to open the AIR VCA. Once the FORMANT output is making sound, try using BARREL and FORMANT to adjust the waveshape! See the Mangrove Technical Map for more info!

    Do I need to calibrate Mangrove? (Top)
    Each module is factory calibrated, so there's no need to re-calibrate unless the tuning sounds out!

    How do I calibrate Mangrove? (Top)
    Please refer to this guide!