Three Sisters

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  • User Manual
  • Technical Map: web / pdf
  • Oscillator Calibration
  • Fuse Replacement Guide
  • Potentiometer Replacement Guide
  • Panel: ai / pdf

  • My Three Sisters just died. What do I do? (Top)
    If you purchased Three Sisters before June 2017, it is likely that the issue is with the fuses in the module's power supply. Have no fear though! Please refer to this guide for instructions on getting your module back to normal in no time!

    Do I need to calibrate Three Sisters? (Top)
    Each module is factory calibrated, so there's no need to re-calibrate unless the tuning sounds out!

    How do I calibrate Three Sisters? (Top)
    Please refer to this guide!

    The ALL output sounds distorted. Is this normal? (Top)
    The ALL jack is mixing together the three filter outputs without attenuation. Three 10v peak-to-peak signals can easily clip your +/-12v power supply! Try attenuating your incoming signals before Three Sisters. If Three Sisters is oscillating in self-resonance, then the clipping is expected! Three 10V p2p signals can add up to +/-15V which just doesn't fit in the Eurorack power world. The good news is our modules support passive-mixing of the output jacks, so if the distortion is unpleasing to your ears, just mult the individual outputs together for a clean combination!

    Why is sound passing quietly? (Top)
    There's a chance that the fuses have been blown & need to be replaced (particularly on old modules from 2017 or before). See this guide for a full replacement walkthrough.

    Why is there a crackly sound when turning the FREQ or SPAN knobs? (Top)
    The potentiometer lubricant has seized up, or the internals have oxidized. Remedy1: Turn all knobs back and forth through their rotation 20 to 30 times. This will help squeeze the lubricant flat. Remedy2: If the first approach doesn't work, you'll need to replace the potentiometers. See above.