W/: Firmware Update Procedure

Getting with a new W/?! A few short moments


How it works

The update procedure is done by playing a sound-file into the IN jack of W/. You'll need to use an audio playback device (like a computer or smart phone) to send the appropriate bits. Holding 'record' at boot will startup W/ in bootloader mode awaiting its new wisdom.

All your audio data & cue points will persist, unaffected by the firmware update!

We use a modified version of Émilie Gillet's stm-audio-bootloader on W/.



First you'll need to download the latest firmware. Make sure it's on the device you'll use for playback!


Get Connected

  1. Turn off your synthesizer.
  2. Connect a patch cable between the IN jack & your playback device


Prepare your playback

  1. Set your sample-rate output to 48kHz (automatic on smart phones)
  2. Turn up the volume! 3/4 should be plenty.
  3. Turn off notifications / sound effects (Do not disturb / Airplane mode is best)


Let's Go!

  1. While holding record, turn on your synthesizer
  2. The white record light should be slowly pulsing
  3. Start playback of the audio file, and the white lights should climb up and down the module. Input level is shown above the IN jack
  4. Every ~20seconds, all the lights will do an animation (as it writes the new firmware to memory!). This will happen ~6 times
  5. W/ will automatically restart, exactly as if you just power-cycled your synthesizer


Troubles Had?

If something above doesn't seem to reflect your reality, then read on.

Yellow record light flashing

This is the general 'failure' indicator. It usually means the audio received at IN was not what the module expected. This could be caused by a number of issues:

- Wrong sample rate: Set your playback device's sample rate to 48kHz

- Interrupted audio: Turn off notifications on your device (use airplane mode and/or turn off wifi)

- Audio too quiet: Turn your playback device up to ~75% volume

- Audio too loud: If you're sending the file in via a line->modular preamp module, turn the volume down below 50%

- Bad download: Try re-downloading the firmware wav file.

White record continues to pulse & nothing happens

Once audio playback begins you should see the lights above the IN jack flickering to show that signal is present. If there's no indication there, it means W/ is not receiving the audio from your device:

- Bad Connection: The W/ jacks are a little stiff- make sure to double-check the cable is fully inserted into IN & your device's output, or try a different cable altogether

- Too quiet: Try turning your device's volume all the way up to see if signal starts to register