Just Friends

We receive a lot of questions and have collected some responses for you!
If yours isn't answered below, write to us service@whimsicalraps.com.

  • User Manual: v1 (silver clouds) / v2 (gold clouds)
  • Technical Map: web / pdf
  • Just Type
  • Oscillator Calibration
  • Potentiometer Replacement Guide
  • RUN: A word of warning
  • Firmware Versions
  • Firmware Update Procedure
  • Panel: ai / pdf

  • Do I need to update the firmware on my Just Friends? (Top)
    We recommend keeping Just Friends updated to the latest firmware.

    What are the differences among the firmware versions? (Top)
    Please refer to this changelog!

    How do I update the firmware? (Top)
    Please refer to this guide!

    Sine and square seem to be swapped on the CURVE knob? (Top)
    This is normal! Since version 3 of the firmware, these shapes changed sides which results in a more natural transition into the square waveshape.

    What are the differences among the hardware versions? (Top)
    There are no functional differences between the hardware versions. The first version can be identified by silver clouds on the backboard. Subsequent modules have gold clouds on the backboard.

      The original "Silver Clouds" version had an issue with the RUN jack potentially damaging other modules, but did not affect its functionality. See here for more information about initiating a RUN jack upgrade.

        Does my Just Friends need the RUN jack upgrade? (Top)
        If it has Silver Clouds on the backboard and no 'highheel' emoji sticker on the side of the RUN jack, then it can be upgraded. If it has Gold Clouds on the backboard, or if it has Silver Clouds and the highheel emoji sticker on the side of the RUN jack, then it does not need the RUN jack upgrade. If you think you need the upgrade, see this page for more information.

        How do I initiate a RUN jack upgrade? (Top)
        See this page for more information.

        The INTONE knob jumps strangely around noon on the dial. Is something wrong? (Top)
        Sounds like you need to calibrate your module! See the Just Friends calibration guide!

        How do I calibrate Just Friends? (Top)
        See the Just Friends calibration guide!